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Candaraman Island and Starfish Island

Candaraman Island and Starfish Island in Balabac

Candaraman Island is one of the main highlights of Balabac Palawan alongside Onok Island and Punta Sebaring. Among Balabac’s 32 islands, Candaraman Island is a top destination because of the sandbar near it which we call Starsfih Island, teeming with adorable Chocolate Chip Starfish that are countless in number. Candaraman Island The island of Candaraman...
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Where to stay in Puerto Princesa

Where To Stay In Puerto Princesa

Wondering where to stay in Puerto Princesa before your Balabac Private or Group Tour? It is highly suggested that you spend a night in a lodge in Puerto Princesa where we can pick you up at 2am or 4am the next day. Puerto Princesa is generally a cheap place to stay, and it has a...
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Best time to visit Balabac

Best Time To Visit Balabac

When is the best time to visit Balabac? This is another tricky question we get asked a lot next to “Is Balabac safe?”. Straight out, the answer is during the Summer months of March, April, and May. During this time, expect tp see more people in the islands, although it will not compare to the...
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Balabac Safety

Balabac Safety

Earlier this year I wrote a blogpost in my personal website about safety in Balabac, and I entitled in "Is Balabac Safe?" to give the best explanation I could give to people asking the question. I feel like it is the time to update this article through this page since many things have changed since...
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Finding love in a Balabac Group Tour

We Found Love in a Balabac Group Trip

Balabac Group Tour June 2019 It was March 2019 when I saw these amazing photos of crystal clear waters, sandbars and Starfish Island on Instagram. I instantly fell in love with the place, did further research and found that it’s in Balabac Palawan. Without second thoughts, I booked a flight to Puerto Princesa and asked...
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Onok Island All You need To Know

Onok Island – All You Need To Know

Probably the most sought-after island in the Philippines, Onok Island is a tiny piece of paradise in the south of Palawan that features expansive shallow clear waters, giant clams, a sand bar appearing during low tide, wild sea turtles, a coral reef, and a stilt over-water walkway. Onok Island Aerial View – Balabac Palawan Are...
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