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Who We Are

Balabac Island Life Experience

Punta Sebaring Travel and Tours is a small team that is passionate about providing a unique island life experience to visitors exploring the stunning highlights of Balabac Palawan. Our team offers a complete service, providing guests with a campsite that has all the necessary amenities such as shared toilets, fresh water, tents and food, so that they can enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay on the islands.

Our campsite is strategically located to give guests a chance to fully immerse themselves in the stunning natural beauty of Balabac Palawan. However, given that there is no signal in our campsite, we have partnered with The Wanderwalkers to promote our services and help connect us with prospective guests. This partnership enables us to better serve our guests by providing them with the information they need to make the most of their time on the islands.

At Punta Sebaring Travel and Tours, we are committed to ensuring that our guests have an unforgettable island life experience. Our team is dedicated to providing the best service and warm hospitality, and we are excited to share the beauty and magic of Balabac Palawan with all our guests.

Why Travel With Us?

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Time-efficiency and Convenience

We help you save time by providing a shuttle to Buliluyan Port which is closer to Balabac so you can start island hopping right away. Don’t bother commuting to Rio Tuba port and taking the passenger boat to the mainland which takes 1.5 days. We also provide roofed private boats even for small groups instead of the unroofed “lancha.” 

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Guaranteed Visit To Onok Island and Some Bonus

Tagged as the highlight of Balabac, Onok Island is privately owned. Our local team has a good relationship with the owner which allows us to send guests. Some agency are banned from visiting the island. If Onok is not in their itinerary, most likely they are not allowed by the owned to visit. 


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Safe Island Life Experience

Our itinerary doesn’t bring you to the mainland where the crocodiles are spotted. You can forget about their threats. Instead of sleeping in a basic room in the town, you will camp on a private beachfront with fine white sand. All your basic needs will be provided such as tents or shared room, food, drinking water and fresh water for rinsing saltwater.

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Highly recommended by previous guests.

We’d rather let our previous guests talk about us. Please read their reviews from our TripAdvisor Page.

Our Crew

Meet our Balabac Team!

Our Guests

Adventurers from all walks of life

For the past year we have safely brought to Balabac hundreds of local and foreign adventurers. We keep a photographic record of all our lovely guests because each trip is not just a new set of faces but new friends we keep in our hearts. This gallery is not complete as some of our private tour guests are, well, private 🙂

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