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Best Time To Visit Balabac

When is the best time to visit Balabac? This is another tricky question we get asked a lot next to “Is Balabac safe?”. Straight out, the answer is during the Summer months of March, April, and May. During this time, expect tp see more people in the islands, although it will not compare to the number of people you will see in other islands during Summer. So, sorry because there is a low chance to be the only people on the island you will visit!

Not all people can travel during these months so this post will also discuss what to expect during other months of the year, especially considering the monsoons. However, these are the months when you have a higher possibility to enjoy the islands on your own!

Summer is the best time to visit Balabac.
Summer is the best time to visit Balabac.

Weather Patterns in Balabac

Balabac is in the southwestern-most tip of the Philippines, and it is actually closer to Sabah Malaysia than to any other parts of the Philippines! This being said, you cannot generally apply to Balabac the weather that is happening to the rest of the country, which means that even if there’s Low Pressure area in north/central Philippines, Balabac will probably have better weather.

There are countless times that I have visited Balabac when the Philippines (specifically the northern/central part) is in rainy turmoil while Balabac is enjoying a good dose of sunshine. So how do you know what to expect when you are visiting Balabac outside the summer months? The key is to check the prevailing wind pattern! There are is another factor that will affect your visit in Balabac which is the tide level but that would be for another blog post.

Monsoons in the Philippines

There are two wind patterns that blow through the Philippines: Habagat and Amihan. Traveling to Balabac is okay even with these monsoons, but both these are strengthened whenever a typhoon hits the country, and this is what affects Balabac Palawan.
Monsoon (wind) only = okay to travel
Typhoon/Tropical Depression (rain) + Monsoon (wind) = expect a rainy and windy trip in Balabac


Habagat is the wind pattern originating from Southwest of the Philippines which is characterized by warm and humid air. This blows from mid-June to mid-Sept. June is also the start of the wet/rainy season in the whole country, ie, forecast for tropical depression, low-pressure area, and typhoons are expected in different parts of the country. However, you can still visit Balabac at this time and get sunny days like it’s summer! Just pray that a typhoon or tropical depression will not visit the country with you.

Around October, a weakening Habagat and a starting Amihan play around the country.


Amihan is the cold dry air that blows through the Philippines from the northeast which is dominant from November to February. December to February is the coolest time of the year in our country because of this wind. It strikes the eastern side of the Philippines and affects Balabac as well when it is strengthened by a typhoon/tropical depression. Like during the Habagat season, you can still visit Balabac in general but cancellation is a risk when there’s a typhoon during your visit.

February 2019 Group from Philippines, France, Greece
May 9-12 Group from PH, UK, Spain, Canada and USA

Best Time To Visit Balabac

To answer from a different perspective, any time of the year CAN be a good time to visit Balabac given that there is no typhoon or tropical depression which strengthens the winds in Balabac. So if you can, arrange your trip for Summer! But if not, you can still visit Balabac, just don’t bring some badluck. 🙂

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