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Sebaring Beach in Bugsuk Island: Aimed to be the Next Boracay

Sebaring beach in Bugsuk Island, among thirty other islands in Balabac Palawan emerges to be the next tourism hub of the Philippines. Balabac features Onok Island, Patawan Island and Candaraman Island. But only Sebaring beach has powder-like white sand that stretches to around 6 kilometers. It even surpasses Boracay’s famous station 1, 2 and 3 combined at only 3.5km.

Aside from the fine white sand, Punta Sebaring beach also boasts of its enormous white sand bar. It emerges during low tide, where you can watch the sunset. During high tide, it serves as a shallow pool.

Catching the sunset in Punta Sebaring Sandbar during lowtide.

Most parts of Sebaring’s long beach, including our campsite, has shallow clear water with white sand underneath, perfect for relaxed swimming after a day of island hopping adventures.

Punta Sebaring Campsite
Punta Sebaring Campsite shot by storiesbyvalerie

Developments in Bugsuk Island

The governor of Palawan has big plans for Balabac, as he claims that it’s better than Maldives. Soon, tourists won’t need to travel 6 hours by van from Puerto Princesa to Buliluyan port, and another hour of boat ride to Sebaring.

Two airports are already being developed surrounding our Sebaring campsite. The first one Bugsuk International Airport is already certified to accommodate an Airbus A350. Yes, direct local and international flights will be made possible in the future. This airport was built by San Miguel originally to accommodate export of coconut produce. Another airport is being developed for the Philippine Air Force.

While these runways can already be used by private arrangement, there’s still no passenger terminal yet. So right now, only the adventurous who are willing to go through long travels will be able to experience Balabac’s untouched state and raw nature form through camping. A short stroll from our Sebaring campsite, our guests can see a private property that is being developed as a resort. San Miguel Corporation’s holistic approach in developing Bugsuk leads us to believe that it will attract a broad range of tourists in the future.

A nearby resort will emerge near our campsite

For Now, Experience Island Life in Sebaring

Bugsuk Island’s Sebaring beach indeed has a bright future. However, it may take a couple of years or more before we see the plans come to realization. Currently, only adventurous travelers who can do doing rustic camping with us are able to enjoy pure nature. Imagine having the chance to say in the future “I remember years ago when we were enjoying Sebaring’s white sand beach just to ourselves. No crowds, no establishments, no commercialism yet. There were only bucket flush toilet, no proper shower, no internet, no electricity, we got bitten by sandflies. But I’d prefer that over partying noise, tall buildings and busy beaches.”

We encourage our readers who are planning to visit Balabac to not just do a tour. Experience island living in Punta Sebaring, and get to call this future paradise your home for a few nights.

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