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bags in balabac
What can I do with my bags if I’m traveling to Balabac? Can I leave it in Puerto Princesa? This is a common question we receive from backpackers or guests who are traveling for a while. We are different types of travelers especially when it comes to packing. Some are light-packers while some carry as...
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Crocodiles in Balabac
Travelers who are planning to visit Philippines’ last of the last frontier often hesitate when they hear that there are saltwater crocodiles in Balabac. We have written about it in passing on our previous posts “Is Balabac Safe? and Balabac Safety.” This one is a dedicated post about Balabac crocodiles hoping to provide light and...
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Balabac Tour Operator
We know that you’re also looking at other tour operators in Balabac. And you should! Because all travelers should do their own research to find which package fits their personality and budget. So we are writing this blog to help you decide if you should choose another operator other than us, and to remind you...
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Where to stay in Puerto Princesa
Wondering where to stay in Puerto Princesa before your Balabac Private or Group Tour so that we can pick you up conveniently? Want a luggage-keeping service for your bags while you are in the tour? Please read on. It is highly suggested that you spend a night in a lodge in Puerto Princesa where we...
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Balabac Travel Requirement
After almost 2 years of closure due to the pandemic, Balabac has already reopened to local and foreign guests. It has been a long wait since our last Balabac group tour on March 12, 2020. This February 2022, we’re opening Group/Joiner Tours and Private Tours to visitors who are fully vaccinated. Continue reading to check...
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Best time to visit Balabac
When is the best time to visit Balabac? This is another tricky question we get asked a lot next to “Is Balabac safe?”. Straight out, the answer is during the Summer months of March, April, and May. During this time, expect tp see more people in the islands, although it will not compare to the...
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Balabac Safety
Earlier this year I wrote a blogpost in my personal website about safety in Balabac, and I entitled in "Is Balabac Safe?" to give the best explanation I could give to people asking the question. I feel like it is the time to update this article through this page since many things have changed since...
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Complete List of 2023 Group Tours

Balabac Joiner Tour 2023 Schedules
Balabac Joiner Tour 2023 Schedules

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