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Where To Stay In Puerto Princesa 2022

Where to stay in Puerto Princesa

Wondering where to stay in Puerto Princesa before your Balabac Private or Group Tour? It is highly suggested that you spend a night in a lodge in Puerto Princesa where we can pick you up at 2am on your Day 1 Tour. Puerto Princesa is generally a cheap place to stay, and it has a wide range of accommodation, from budget to midrange, to luxury.

Group Tour

We used to allow our guests to book any accommodation they like and we pick them up from there. However, based on experience, picking different people from different locations in the town takes so much time, which is travel time that we could have saved. We changed this by providing appointed hotels/lodges for pick up. So if you are joining one of our group tours, the following accommodations (pick up points) are your only options.

Budget accommodation/backpackers:

Mid-range accommodation:

Private Tour

If you are visiting Balabac on a Private Tour, you have the liberty to pick any lodge you want as long as it is within the town proper. Although we recommend the same list as the Group Tour pick up locations (see above) because most of our previous guests pick it even without our recommendation, you are free to explore more options. You can use the widget below for a quick search.


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