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We Found Love in a Balabac Group Trip

Balabac Group Tour June 2019
Balabac Group Tour June 2019

It was March 2019 when I saw these amazing photos of crystal clear waters, sandbars and Starfish Island on Instagram. I instantly fell in love with the place, did further research and found that it’s in Balabac Palawan. Without second thoughts, I booked a flight to Puerto Princesa and asked my friend to come with me for our “birthday travel” right there and then! We were ecstatically looking forward to discover more of Balabac’s beauty.

Preparing for our Balabac Trip

Onto the how’s? How to get there, how’s the tour like? And who to contact? I found The Wanderwalkers on Facebook and was impressed with their Balabac Group Tour itinerary and immediately reserved a couple of slots with them. We’re lucky to have Jonai who is very accommodating and knowledgable about the place. Though everything is already indicated on the itinerary, we were still given reminders of what to bring and what to expect.

As for me, I’m expecting to experience a new place, adventure and to meet new people. 18 travelers from different parts of the world (Philippines, USA, Germany, United Kingdom) consisted of friends, couples, family and solo travelers.

Love at First Sight!

All of us together for 4days/3nights. Who would have thought I’d meet my fiancé on this tour?!! He said it was love at first sight for him. We were at the port fixing my bag getting ready to board our boat and there he was standing and wishing we’d be together on the same boat.

We were in Patawan Island when Long, a solo traveler from the United States approached me. Long story short, we went to our tour for 4 days, eating and drinking together. We had bonfire nights, some small, funny and real talks and the rest is history.

Our last day in Balabac
Our last day in Balabac

From Balabac with Love

Fast forward today, we’re engaged and already planning our future together. It’s true that life has its funny way of introducing us to love; for us we think it’s destiny. As the song goes…

La la la It wasn’t by chance, there’s reason why we both cross paths.

I found love in Balabac! As we always say and laugh at… Thanks to The Wanderwalkers and Emperador!

Ami and Long on their engagement day :)
Ami and Long on their engagement day 🙂

Words by Ami Cenina. 
Ami and Long were our joiners last June 12-15 Group Trip. <3

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